Radiant and luminous. The two infamous words we use to describe our skin in its most perfect state.

It begins with a clean, fresh face and a great moisturizer, but what then? Throughout the day skin can become greasy, sweaty, and dull. Three words that we hate associating with our epidermis! Is there really a way we can look as though we have a 24-hour makeup artist at our beck and call, sitting on a chair by the wall drinking coffee and waiting to powder us throughout the day at the first sign of greasiness? I set off to find out, stopping first at the store that understands me most, and with whom I’ve had a heated relationship with since the tender age of 10. Mac.

I was on a mission, a darn-right important one too. Yes, perhaps celebrities have on-call makeup artists trailing along behind them, carrying lumpy bags filled with pots and brushes. But for the rest of us, we have to make do on our own. And I believe in radiant and beautiful skin for all! No matter if you are royalty or mere peasant. Enough with the mid-day “Oh wow! My face is so shiny I can see my face in it!” greasiness. No more “Am I a reptile or is my face peeling off?” dryness. And enough with all the skin woes in between. It’s high time we had the right to pearlescent skin whether in the workplace, or at cocktails with the girls (or in my case the boys, aka divas)

I headed to Mac Carnaby Street, opposite Chocky Wocky Doo-Da (Yes, it’s a cruel combination of stores). With their huge range of different highlighters, glitters, and pigments, it’s hard to decide which one will do the trick best for your skin. However, I’ve found that using a blusher or a highlighter with a cream-base is what you want in order to achieve the ‘I woke up like this’ Beyonce skin dream. Too much powder can age the face, and powder with a lot of pearl sheen can end up looking muddled at the end of the day. Worried about looking greasy? It’s all about product placement. Placement on your face that is. After applying a cream to the highpoints of the face, use a translucent powder on your problem areas, such as the T-zone. The light-capturing glowiness of the product will distract from problem areas if you have powdered them correctly.

After searching around the store for the perfect items, which must have looked slightly like an interpretive dance with the help of a sugar high, I found three beautiful products that are sure to work on any skin type:

  1. Mac Cream Colour Base

Any of these colours will work a charm for dewy-goodness, but I picked ‘Hush’ in particular because it can be used on its own as the subtlest of subtle blushes for pale skin tones, or as a natural pick-me-up highlighter for all skin tones. Apply it with fingers to the apples of cheeks, tops of the cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of the nose, and (my personal favourite) on the bow of the lips.

  1. Mac Cremeblend Blush

Fabulous for all-day wear! It is translucent enough to give a natural wash of colour, and buildable enough to go RuPaul on yo bad self. The choice is yours! Start by warming the product up with fingers on the back of your hand. Gently make a dot of colour on the apples of each cheek before blending out and up in a circular motion. To perk up the rest of your face, apply the tiniest dab of colour just at your hairline and chin, and blend! This gives the illusion of healthy colour and blood flow (perfect for faking health and hydration after a hard night)

  1. Mixing Medium Shine

This little tub of goodness should be crowned the most versatile product in the store. It is a must for makeup artists and therefore a must if you don’t have a personal makeup artist! A dab of this on cheekbones and brow bones can instantly transform dull skin. True to its name, mixing a dusting of MAC pigment to this bad boy, such as ‘Vanilla’ or ‘Melon’, and applying it to the face will turn the pigment from ‘Turnt’ to ‘Turnt-Up’. (Perhaps I need a hiatus from ghettoliciousness. I doubt that will happen.) Have a play with this one! The amount of beautiful cheek colours you can create for yourself by mixing pigments and powder blushes is absolutely endless!


Until next time Beauties!


Ivory xxx






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